Why love ______?

NBL  emphasizes the importance of the element of the program, and why we should love soil, animals, water, plants and air.  We also want to point out to our students the connection or inter-connection of the elements to each other.  Hurt soil, it effects our food supply.  Hurt Air, animals are effected.  So, we need to love these elements, and do all we can to protect them.

In each of our topic reading we have a short section on “why you should love ______!”  These are to draw students to this approach of not just learning about nature, but also loving it.  Yes, love nature as all of our lives depend on us loving it, protecting it and respect it.  If we can create the love for nature, we believe we can excite students to learn more and do more.  That is our hope.

In short, to us it is not enough just to know about nature, walk in the woods and complete some challenges.  NBL tries to aggressively inculcate students to understand nature, respect it and love it.

Soil:  Soil is the source of all the good things we eat.  Do you like fruit?  Good fruit depends on the soil. Love Soil, yes love soil!

Water:  Like to run or play soccer.  You can do this because you are 70%.  But without the water and the replenishing the water in your body, you will not be playing these sports. Love Water.

Wood (Plants):  Are you a strawberry fan?  How about walnuts or peanuts?  Can’t have these goodies without plants. Love plants.

Animals:  Are you fascinated with the bird outside your window.  Our world is filled with wonder and wonderful animals.  What is your favorite pet?  Love animals.

Air:  Take a deep breath, wonderful feeling.  Smell the air after a thunderstorm, clean, beautiful air.  Take three deep breaths, and feel your body wake up, alive!  Love Air.