I have spent hundreds of hours to develop these challenges.  Another tons of hours on The Book.  I offer these to you in three different formats:  parents, teacher  and institution rates.  Hopefully, you will find these affordable.  I am looking for a publisher of all these materials, but until then, I have a family to support.

A. The Book:  All Chapters and Topics  $20.00

Per topic: $5.00

1. soil (earth)

2. water

3. air

4. plants

5. animals

B.  The Challenges

Per topic (10 to 15 challenges)….$10.00 each

soil (Earth), water, air, plants or animals

Topics are designed  for different age groups…..6 – 8,  9 – 12 and 13 to 17

C. Teachers Guide

Teacher Manual is useful for all teachers but particularly for PBL or NBS teachers.

$10.00 for one complete Guide.fees





Buy all NBL materials at one go (The Book, The Challenges and The Guide  for

a one time fee of $ $100.00 ( a $180.00 value if bought separately).

All Rights to use these material for your NBL events for the next 3 years for as many students you have programs or events.