NBL “E” Book


I will be absolutely honest here.  The Nature Book is fun, interesting and stimulating.  But, it was written to be a supplement to the NBL Challenges.  The Challenges are the main course and The Book does NOT replace these.  However, before students take up the challenge whether it be the earth, air, water, animal or plant challenges, it is great to read The Section on the particular challenge.  Also, i would recommend that participants re-read The Book (the particular nature section) quickly thereafter The Challenge.

In short, The Book is a great way for students to become excited and interested in a particular challenge, and The Book puts the Challenges in the right context by providing a larger picture to the topic.  

The Book is a simple, straight forward read.  Each chapter is built to present a lot of fun facts that most people don’t know about the topic.  Many adults have read The Book and comment how much they didn’t know about soil (earth) or plants.  The Book also will support students general understanding and appreciation of science, biology, botany and chemistry.  Although The Book is a nature book, science is everywhere in this book.

I have also put in a rather easy True/False test at the end of each chapter to challenge students to not just skim the book but think while they are reading it.  Many readers will be forced to return to the text to answer these questions correctly.

I have also included a lot of graphics and pictures into this E Book.  This is to stimulate and create some awe!  As The Book is an E Book, we are not wasting paper or ink to print it out, and I hope you do not print it, but use it digitally.  Thanks…and Nature thanks you too.

I have created a post (here) that details the 5 topics, the book format and some samples of chapter formats so you can get a better idea as to whether you want to pull the trigger on the order button.