What is NBL?

NBL is Nature Based Learning, a comprehensive and stimulating nature program for students. The program includes Topic Readings and Challenges.
NBL focuses on 5 Topics: water, earth, air, plants and animals. After selecting one of these topics, NBL will send Topic Readings and The Challenges to be conducted.
The Challenges are outdoor activities, and not designed for the classroom.

Topic Readings

The Book is an ebook about nature. The 5 topics are discussed in depth in an easy to read format that stimulate and invigorates. Tons of fun facts, humor and linkage between the topic and other nature elements.
Participants in The Challenges should read
the chapter topic of their challenge prior to the event…and afterward to reinforce the learning.


The Challenges are specific nature educational problems and questions that students attempt to answer. Working together using collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking, students try to solve these questions and problems. Answers are not in books or on the internet so students really have to think an work together. Fun times!