Cost and Payment


NBL is inexpensive.  We encourage you to download the Measure Challenges in order for you to get a sense of what you are buying.  You will find that on the main menu under “Challenges.”  Also, you can get a good idea of the quality of The Topic Readings by checking out some of the main topic and samples provided.  You will find these samples under the Topic Reading in the main menu.

The Guide is given to all that order one of the Book 1 topics.  This is a free document as we want you to have a good understanding of NBL and student centered learning.  We also encourage you to go the Main Menu and go to the PBL section.  There is a lot of great information there.  We do, however, give the The Guide to you free upon your first order.

Each topic reading comes with the topic Challenges.  These are sent to your email address upon receiving your payment of $20.00.  We hope that you don’t print these documents but treat them as an ebook.  You can send the book to each participant, and you can take the challenges with you on your phone or tablet.  Try not to print (save paper and trees, please).  We do not limit you to sessions, you are free to run as many programs with this material as you would like.  That is, the $20 is a one time fee for unlimited use.

We do not allow you to sell this to other…

Oh yes,  Not happy with NBL?  Get a full refund by sending us a note explaining your unhappiness…and we will refund your money with our apologies.