Being a NBL leader

We have three ways to prepare you to conduct your own NBL challenges.  Our aim is to give you all the support you need to have a successful session.  We want you and your group to have a great time, gain awesome insights about nature and develop new confidence in learning.  We genuinely anticipate that the group will really enjoy these challenges.

Three ways we help:

  1.  We have prepare an extensive Powerpoint Slide show about NBL and conducting your session.  While this is not specific about your particular topic challenges, the slide show will answer most of your questions and get you thinking about your nature session.  NBL will send this to you(free of charge) when you order your topic challenges.
  2. We have a written Challenge Guide ready to send you.  This is a more in depth look at student-centered learning, PBL and the importance of questions.  In short, this Guide will provide the methodological framework for conducting the challenges.
  3. Our Facebook page and Website offer abundant opportunity for you to contact us with your questions.  I often like to open up a conversation on Skype or Hangouts.  We want you to know that we are more than available to help you organize the challenges as we want to fine tune and personalize the session.  Please reach out to us with your questions or issues.