NBL Challenges Explained

The NBL Challenges are the central focus of the NBL program.  To study nature students need to get out into nature and become involved in really looking and understanding it.  We try to use the 5 senses in our activities, but the key ingredient is to give them challenging problems to solve.  How fast is the river flowing?  How much salt is in salt water? Why are sunsets blue or red?  Why is the soil so red?  Why is this animal built this way…what are the advantages of this?

These questions require thought, communication, experiment, study, critical and creative thinking to solve.  But more importantly, students have to work with others to figure out, debate, solve the question posed.  And, we insist that all the students PRESENT their “findings.”  This is a key element as the presentation develop thinking and communication skills so essential for their future success.   Take a look.

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